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Workshop on Professional Profiles Design



When the CV is not enough, it is time to design your professional profile.

We invite you to our workshop on how to create your professional profile, in a practical way.

This profile will be attached to your curriculum so that it is more  attractive and interesting

When: September, the 7th, from 16:00 to 20:00

Where: CIBALL (Centro de Innovación Ballesta) – Corredera Baja de San Pablo nº 41 · 28004 · Madrid

Objective: learn how to design a professional profile based on the value proposition and knowledge of the recipient.

Methodology: The methodology proposed is designed specifically for the acquisition of skills and competencies through active participation and inference through practice and collaboration.

Target audience: small enterprises, entrepreneurs and job seekers who need to address their value from a different perspective.

Our trainers are qualified to lead the workshop.

Soon we will give further details.

For more information:

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