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Strategic communications and dissemination services for enterprises




Ideation support tool

Mindkeepin is a project funded by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade (Strategic Action for Telecommunications and Information Society, Year 2012 - Competitiveness R & D)
Consortium shaped by Ariadna, Comono Comunicacion (Grupo Servilleta) and Solutio

Social Spaces of Research and Innvation


The Social Spaces of Research and Innovation - “SSRI” are organisational ecosystems in which research and innovation activities are lead in respect of the needs and constraints of the beneficiary communities of the results.

Porvoo COMONO Comunicación Open Innovation Tourism

Open Innovation in Tourism

Opportunities for SME in Tourism through Open Innovation

A practical method of co-design where services providers, destination resources and tourists collaborate to develop integral tourism products and services.

We've been lucky. Two of the participants in our webinar on Effective Communication have won top awards in their categories. Congratulations, Jarrod and Stefan.

EU SME eHealth Competition 2013

Its objective is to support business success of SMEs by giving them visibility together with marketing opportunities to attract customers, partners and external capital.

WEBINAR on Effective Communication

This two-part webinar is focused on: points the speaker has to bear in mind before giving the speech, as well as, for slide preparation, and then recommendations for the speech.

This is just an example of the projects we work >>

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