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Design of Professional Profiles for entrepreneurs

By Ignacio Pérez Alcázar

COMONO Comunicacion’s core business is Business Communication and Dissemination for Enterprises. Our headquarter is in Malaga, Spain. We innovate in the way we work with companies. We work on the key business message through ideation and design processes. This is based on the identification of the customers’ needs and expectations and the efficiency and effectiveness of the channels. However, I found a true personal motivation on coaching entrepreneurs; in order to help them to grow, to show them a different way to think, instead of dying diving in a traditional business plan, or even a traditional introduction letter.

Last Thursday, on 18th of April we gave the fifth workshop on professional profiles design for entrepreneurs in a rural village of Malaga called Pizarra.

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For an entrepreneur, the professional profile is the set of abilities, knowledge, experience, and personal resources that can serve to offer a solution to a demand in a business context. When someone is willing to pay some money for it, then we can talk about a value proposition in the same context of business and entrepreneurship.

I could start defining what is innovation in this context. Instead of that I can offer a vision about the individual and collective processes of innovation.

I remember a twitter chat I hold with a surgeon in charge of the innovation Department of a Hospital in Madrid, about the amount of consultancy companies willing to manager their innovation process. We agreed that before managing an innovation process we should be able to generate the ideas or the project that should be managed.

Moving back to the workshops, I spotted in all the attendants a common characteristic: the difficulty of organizing their ideas, and even, making some order in their ideas. This is the first step of an innovation process for entrepreneurs.

Therefore the workshops have to use facilitation tools both individual and collective so that the ideas flow naturally. The attendants learn to write them down. Yes, write them down, because this is the way the thoughts flow naturally, idea after idea, and they get structured. These tools, used in the workshops, will be devoted to help the attendants, the future entrepreneurs, provide the trigger questions and organize the ideas.

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The innovation of this process is in the facilitation tools we use to generate an ideation process. It is conducted through the envisioning of the customers’ needs as centre of the innovation and how to envision a solution for such needs and to provision a structure of thoughts or even a mechanism to let their ideas flow.

After the workshop, the attendants learned to work on their abilities and market’s or employers’ needs, in order to generate their value proposition and their professional profile, and then a proper business hypothesis.

KINOS – La educación y la innovación conocimientos proyecto de desarrollo tiene como objetivo desarrollar la innovación educativa know-how, así como para modelar las instituciones educativas que participan en el modelo de innovación. El director del proyecto es la Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas de Mikkeli y mentores son ESEDU, Universidad de Helsinki, Ruralia Instituto, Centro de Pequeños Negocios de la Universidad de Aalto y el Folk High School Otava. El proyecto está financiado por el Fondo Social Europeo. En este blog, la innovación involucrado en e interesados en el recurso compartido sus ideas y experiencias.


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